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Both its weather conditions, being the estuary with the most hours of sunshine in Galicia, and its calm waters sheltered by the Cíes Islands, make the Ría de Vigo the ideal setting for the development of nautical activities practically 365 days a year. Its particular orography also makes it a natural amphitheater where to contemplate the great nautical events, as it was in its day the exit of the "Volvo Ocean Race", or the "Tall Ships Atlantic Challenge".

In the estuary with the largest concentration of sports boatyards in Spain you will find all the necessary nautical services, magnificent marinas, charter companies and all repair and maintenance services.

We all have a place in the Ría de Vigo, both those who seek tranquility in the most remote coves, accessible only by sea, and those who want to comfortably reach public transport to the best urban beaches in Galicia, equipped with all services. Diving in the calm waters of the Ensenada de Liméns, practicing Kite surfing in San Simón when the famous Cesantes thermic blows, making a paddle surf crossing through the waters of the Val Miñor or participating in great regattas recognized at international level ... the possibilities They are endless! In our white sands and clean and deep waters you will undoubtedly find your perfect place.

Vigo and the area of ​​southern Galicia is especially influenced by the subtropical regime, while the fronts that enter the northern part of the Community are more influenced by the subpolar regime. The type of rain that affects the north and the south is different, the fronts that enter by the southwest, that affect to Vigo and South of Galicia, come from the Atlantic and are more of tropical origin and the fronts that can be associated to the north of Galicia, are by northeasterly winds.

Climatologically there are two regimes of synoptic winds in Galicia: the southwest and the northeast, which usually bring a different rain regime that manifests itself in summer and often leads to the famous "beret", those low clouds so characteristic of northern Galicia, while in Vigo there is a splendid day. Vigo and the area of ​​the Rías Baixas in general, has a microclimate that has nothing to do with Ourense, A Coruña or Mariña Lucense, and the reason is none other than the regime of winds that affect different areas .

Another of the great attractions of the estuary is gastronomy. Of the more than twenty varieties of native grapes, the famous wines of Albariño and Ribeiro are extracted, which make up the perfect combination for the treasures that the fishermen extract from the estuary: barnacles from Cabo Home, mussels from Moaña or Redondela cuttlefish ... the fish and seafood of unrivaled quality will immerse you in a sea of ​​unique flavors.