Mission and Vision

Contribute to improving the competitiveness of companies and entities in the sector, positioning the brand Nautica Vigo estuary as an international benchmark in the nautical sector.

Our vision focuses on the fact that boating activity contributes to sustainable development of the Ria de Vigo being a reference as a source of employment and coexistence with the environment which results in improving the quality of life of the community.


Identify and group interests that respond to competitive strategic challenges of the nautical sector, the geographical scope.

I am meeting place and discussion of all players in the marine industry in the territorial scope of the Association.

Contribute to an efficient organization and management of the port area.

Promote increased demand through design and implementation of commercial actions and joint marketing.

Achieve a core of single representation before the Administration and other agents.

Strengthen and improve the specialized technical capabilities and skills of professionals.

Enhance cooperation with other sectors, towards improved competitiveness and joint contribution to the socioeconomic development of the area of ​​influence.


Advisory services.

Training actions.

Joint trading platform

Shopping center.

Bag professional employment.

positioning assembly

Invigoration of working groups.



Participation and organization of sailing events at national and international level

Development of activities that give visibility to the sector

Training courses

Work groups